34th Annual Meeting. Wills Hall, University of Bristol, U.K., Sunday 1st to 5th April 2001
Wills Hall, Bristol University School of Chemistry, 
      University of Bristol International Conference: ESR Spectroscopy; Recent Advances and Applications

Plenary Lectures

EMR in Bristol: the last 10 years!; the next 10 years? Dr. John P. Maher, University of Bristol, UK
Least-Squares Spectral Fitting to Maximize Precision and Information from Spin-Probe Studies, Dr. Barney Bales, California State University Northridge, USA
"Finger-printing" the metal binding site of small blue copper protein variants. Dr. Gerard W. Canters, Leiden University, The Netherlands
ESR Spectroscopy and Organometallic Electrochemistry. Professor Neil Connelly, University of Bristol, UK
Comparison of ESR Methods for Distance Determination. Professor S. Eaton, University of Denver, USA
Electron transfer processes in oxygenic photosynthesis. Professor M.C.W. Evans, University College London, UK
EPR Insights into Biomolecular Reactions. Selectivity in Radical Attack on DNA Proteins and Carbohydrates. Professor Bruce C. Gilbert, University of York, UK
Site-directed spin labelling approaches protein structure and dynamics. Professor Wayne Hubbell, University of California Los Angeles, USA
From Buckyballs to Gas-phase ESR and NMR. Dr. Paul J. Krusic, DuPont Co.,Wilmington, USA
EPR, ENDOR, EPR Imaging and Optical Studies of Radiation Damage Defect Production in Synthetic Diamond. Dr. Mark Newton, King's College London, UK
Hydrocarbon Activation in Zeolites. Insights through EPR and µSR. Professor Christopher Rhodes, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Spin Labelling High Field ESR. Dr. Alex I. Smirnov, North Carolina state Univ. USA
Paramagnetic molecules at catalytic surfaces. Dr. Zbigniew Sojka, Jagiellonian University, Poland

The Bruker Lecture

Free radicals and transition metal ions: local probes of structure and function in biological systems. Professor J. Hüttermann: Homburg, Germany.

The Joel Student Lectures

Three and four step oxidation of mixed-valence Mn-dimers; mimicking the oxygen evolving complex in photosystem II. Ms Ping Huang Kenéz, Lund University, Sweden
Surface Point defects on ionic oxides; structure, location and reactivity monitored by EPR. Mr Mario Chiesa, cardiff University, UK.
+ 17 short lectures and 22 posters. 65 people attended the conference