36th Annual Meeting at Kings College Conference Centre, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K., Sunday 7th to Thursday 11th April 2002
Kings College Conference Centre, 
      University of Aberdeen International Conference: Advanced techniques and Applications of EPR

Plenary Lectures

Overhauser Techniques for the Detection and Imaging of Free Radicals In Vivo, Dr. David J. Lurie, University of Aberdeen, U.K.
In vivo Imaging of Free Radicals with EPR and PEDRI Techniques, Professor Jay L. Zweier, John Hopkins, Baltimore, U.S.A.
Drug delivery and EPR - where we are and where we should go. Dr. Karsten Maeder, Hoffman-LaRoche, Switzerland
Free radicals and food; potential contributions of EPR spectroscopy to understanding quality criteria, Dr Bernard Goodman, Scottish Crop Research Instutute, UK
In vivo free radical formation by NADPH oxidase in lung induced by lipopolysaccharide - a model for ARDS, Professor Ronald P. Mason, NIEH, Carolina, U.S.A.
Non-coincidence: all the right axes, but not necessarily in the right order, Dr david Collison, University of Manchester, U.K.
High field pulse ENDOR in structural biology - frozen solutions and single crystals, Professor Daniella Goldfarb, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.
a-Phosphorylated Thioesters: from Spin Trapping to Controlled Radical Polymerisation, Professor Angelo Alberti, CNR, Bologna, Italy
Hyperfine spectroscopy: Applications to biological systems. Professor Thomas Prisner, J.W. Goethe University, Germany

The Bruker Lecture

Interacting Electron Spins, Professors Gareth and Sandra Eaton, University of Denver, U.S.A.

The Joel Student Lectures

EPR study of iron-doped MFI zeolite and silicalite catalysts: effect of treatments after synthesis. Ms Anna Ferretti, University of Milano, Italy
Fe3+ in near-stoichiometric LiNbO3 and LiTaO3. Ms Monica Loyo, University of Dundee, U.K.
Investigation of the origins of the DMPO-OH radical adduct in the reaction between alkaline hydrogen peroxide and iminium compounds. Mr sam Smith, cardiff University, U.K.
+ 28 short lectures and 29 posters. There were 106 people at the conference