36thAnnual Meeting. Chancellors Hotel & Conference Centre, University of Manchester, UK. Sunday 6th to Wednesday 10th April 2003
Chancellors Hotel and 
      Conference Centre, University of ManchesterInternational Conference: Advanced Techniques and Applications of EPR

Plenary Lectures

"EPR Studies of large spin molecules", Dr Eric J.I.McInnes, University of Manchester, UK.
"Pulsed EPR studies of manganese in the photosystem II oxygen evolving complex and in a divalent metal binding site of the hammerhead ribozyme", Dr R. David Britt, University of California Davis, U.S.A.
"High field EPR of molecular nanomagnets", Dr Roberta Sessoli, University of Florence, Italy
"Pulsed EPR studies of molybdenum enzymes", Professor John H. Enemark, University of Arizona, U.S.A.
"Spectroscopic studies of Fe-only hydrogenase models", Dr Shirley Fairhurst, John Innes centre, U.K.
"Redox reactions in the water splitting enzyme", Professor A. William Rutherford, C.E.A. Saclay, France
"High frequency EPR spectroscopy: applications in photosynthesis research", Dr Oleg Poluektov, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.A.
"Raman optical heterodyne detection of spin resonance", Professor J.John Davis, University of Bath, U.K.
"Structure and dynamics of synthetic macromolecules as seen by EPR spectroscopy", Dr Gunnar Jeschke, Max Planck Institute of Polymer Research, Mainz, germany
"An EPR and ESEEM study of dendrimers interacting with model membranes, polynucleotides and proteins", Professor M. Francesca Ottaviani, University of Urbino, Italy.

The Bruker Lecture

"Signals from the reaction center. Applications of EPR in photosynthesis", Professor Wolfgang Lubitz, Max Plank Institute of Radiation Chemistry, Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany

The Joel Student Lectures

"A robust and fast algorithm for the computation of cw EPR resonance fields", Mr Stefan Stoll, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
"Kinetic EPR studies on 1-methyl-2,5-cyclohexadiene-1 -carboxamides: release of amino-acyl radicals and their cyclisation", Mr Franco Bella, University of St Andrews, U.K.
"EPR studies on an organic molecular magnet: p-NCC6 F(sub>4CNSSN", Mr Antonio Alberola Catalan, Cambridge University, U.K.

+ 17 short lectures and 12 posters