5th Annual Meeting. University of Sheffield, 23rd to 25th July 1973
International Symposium: 'All aspects of ESR'
""Recent developments in ESR at the University of Sheffield", N.M. Atherton, University of Sheffield.
"Configuration and conformation of transient radicals by ESR", P.J.Krusic, E.I.du Pont de Nemours, U.S.A.
"Light induced free radicals in photosynthesis as studied by flash photolysis - ESR technique", J.R. Bolton, University of Western Ontario, Canada.
"ENDOR in isotropic and anisotropic solutions", K. Möbius, Free University of Berlin
"New ESR methods for the study of very slow motion", P.M. Llewellyn, Varian Instruments, U.S.A.
"ESR studies of the transfer of electronic triplet state excitation in organic crystals", C.A. Hutchison, University of Chicago, U.S.A.

+ 26 short lectures

This was the first International Symposium organised by the ESR Group, it attracted 83 participants and included UK, European and American Group members as well as a number of non-members