12th Annual Meeting. Monday 24th to Friday 28th March 1980, University of York
International Conference: 'ESR of Organic and Bio-organic Radicals' Conference emblem by John H Holloway

Conference emblem by John H Holloway

Plenary Lectures:

Termination kinetics and mechanisms of some transient free radicals in liquids: ESR, CIDNP and optical studies, Hanns Fischer, University of Zurich
Magnetic resonance studies of transient radicals in liquids, A. D. Trifunac, Argonne national laboratory, U.S.A.
Radical reactions induced by OH in DNA and model compounds, D. Schulte-Frohlinde, Max-Planck-Institut, Mülheim.
Some aspects of electron-gain and electron-loss mechanisms, M. C. R. Symons, University of Leicester.
ESR studies of the primary reactants in photosynthesis, M. C. W. Evans, University College, London
Nitroxide spin-labeling of biological materials, D. Marsh, Max-Planck-Institut, Göttingen, Germany
+ 18 short lectures and 24 posters. 102 people were present of which 48 came from 14 overseas countries