14th Annual Meeting. Nottingham University, 22nd to 26th March 1982

Plenary Lectures

Spin trapping of organic radicals. E. G. Janzen, University of Guelph
ESR studies of radical rearrangements in aqueous solution. B. C. Gilbert, University of York.
John Holloway's Design for the 
      front cover of the 1982 conference brochure
Molecular dynamics of organic radicals by ENDOR, K. Möbius, Free University, Berlin
Primary products of bacterial and plant photosynthesis, W. Lubitz, Free University, Berlin
Solid state radiation chemistry of DNA: free radicals from DNA and its constituents in glasses, single crystals and oriented fibers.
CIDEP and optical activity of organometallic radical complexes and radicals of vitamins C, E and K. J. K. S. Wan, Queen's University, Kingston
Spin label oximetry, J. S. Hyde, Medical College, Wisconsin.
2 mm ESR of organic free radicals and spin labels. Ya S. Lebedev, Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow
+ 14 short lectures and 28 posters. 96 people were present of which 54 came from 13 overseas countries.