15th Annual Meeting. University College, Cardiff. 21st to 25th March 1983
Conference emblem by 
      John Holloway

Until well into the 19th Century it was traditional for Welsh men to carve from wood 'Love Spoons' for their sweethearts. The spoon usually had elaborately carved handles which carried the initials of the couple, the year of the marriage and motifs which often represented jobs and interests.
The symbol of this year's conference is derived from one of the best known of all spoons dating from 1856 and housed in the Castle Museum in Cardiff

International Conference: Electron Spin Resonance of Inorganic Radicals and Metal Ions in Inorganic and Biological Systems.

Plenary Lectures

Electron-proton interactions and structure in paramagnetic metalloproteins, I. Bertini, University of Florence
Transition metal carbonyl radicals, J. R. Morton & K. F. Preston, NRC, Ottawa
Jahn-Teller active anionic radicals in ionic solids, H. Bill, University of Geneva
Oxidoreductases containing iron-sulphur clusters, S. P. Albracht, University of Amsterdam.
Exchange coupled pairs, G.L. McPherson, Tulane University
Some chemical and physical aspects of electron transfer in early transition metal coordinated diimines, G. D. Stucky & D. R. Corbin, Du Pont, Wilmington.
g-strain and Mössbauer in iron-containing proteins, R.H. Sands, University of Michigan.
+ 18 short lectures and 33 posters. 83 persons were present of which 50 came from 11 overseas countries. there was a choice of tours, either to the Welsh Folk Museum or the Blaenavon Mining Museum.