16th Annual Meeting. Monday 26th to Friday 30th March, Hertford College, Oxford University

Plenary Lectures

Complemental studies of ESR and optical spectra of organic radical ions, Professor T. Shida, Kyoto University.
Resonant microwave effects in photosynthetic free radical reactions Dr. M.K. Bowman, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
The possible involvement of iron and oxygen free radicals in aspects of aging in brain. Dr. R. A. Floyd, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
New advances in saturation transfer, Professor L. R. Dalton, University of Southern California
Reactions and structure of short-lived radical ions by the method of optically detected ESR. O. A. Anisimov, USSR Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk {Crossed off delegate list, did not attend}
Muon spin rotation: a new tool in free radical spectroscopy and reaction kinetics. Professor H. Fischer, University of Zurich, Switzerland.
Thermodynamics and kinetics of radical reactions. Dr. D. Griller, NRC of Canada.
Exchange rates between lipids and proteins in biomembranes. Dr A. Watts, Oxford University.
+ 15 short lectures and 32 posters. 83 people attended from 15 countries. Visits to Woodstock village and Blenheim Palace or a guided tour of the City and colleges were arranged.