18th Annual Meeting, Boddington Hall, University of Leeds, Monday 14th to Friday 18th April 1986
Conference emblem by John Holloway - Leeds Town HallElectron Spin Resonance of Radicals in Organic & Bio-organic Systems

Plenary Lectures

Radical cations derived from alkynes and dienes. Professor A. G. Davies, University College, London.
Redox reactions of radicals as studied by ESR and pulse radiolysis. S. Steenken, Max-Planck-Institut, Muülheim, W. Germany Magnetic resonance methods to study molecular anisotropy in membranes. Dr A. Watts, University of Oxford. Use of Nitroxides to measure redox metabolism in cells and tissues. Professor H. M. Swartz, {H. Bennett, K. Chen, P. Morse II, M. Nilges, M. Pals, and M. Sentjurc}, Illinois University. Substituent Effects on the structure and dynamics of radical pairs in diacyl peroxide single crystals. Professor J. M. McBride, {X.-W. Feng, M. D. Hollingsworth, D. E. Mills and B. E. Segmuller}, Yale University.
Selective formation and conformational analysis of carbohydrate derived free radicals. Professor R. Sustmann, University of Essen, W. Germany.
Spin trapping of free radicals in the oxidative metabolism of biological and xenobiotic compounds. Professor P. J. Thornally, Aston University.

The Bruker Lecture

This was the first year for the Bruker Lecture.
"Application of Electron Spin Resonance spectroscopy to the study of the effects of ionising radiation on DNA and DNA complexes", Professor Martyn C.R. Symons, Leicester University, U.K.
+ 15 short lectures and 29 posters. The plenary lecture by Dr M. A. Hemminga, Dreijen Agricultural University "ESR and saturation transfer ESR of virus and membrane systems." was not given since he couuld not attend the Conference. Dr Watts lecture was substituted. The conference lectures were subsequently published in J. Chem. Soc., (Faraday Transactions)< To be inserted >. On the wednesday afternoon there was a sightseeing visits to the Leeds Industrial Museums at Armsley Mills or to Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal.