20th Annual Meeting. University of Sheffield, Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th September 1987
International Conference: Recent Advances in EPR Spectroscopy
This was the first joint meeting of the British Radiofrequency Spectroscopy Group, the BRSG, and the Electron Spin Resonance Group, of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The BRSG was founded in 1956 and celebrated its 25th Jubilee with a meeting in Nottingham in 1981

Plenary Lectures

Two dimensional Fourier transform EPR. Professor J. H. Freed, Cornell University
Molecular dynamics studies with high frequency EPR and Fourier transform pulsed EPR. Professor Ya. S. Lebedev, Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
Novel developments and trends in pulsed ESR spectroscopy. Professor A. Schweiger, E.T.H., Zurich, Switzerland
Time-domain ESR: examples from photosynthesis. Dr J. R. Norris, Argonne National Laboratory
Experiment in continuous wave transient ESR spectroscopy. Professor K. A. McLauchlan, University of Oxford/
Coherent ENDOR and TRIPLE resonance spectroscopy on molecular solids. Professor M. Mehring, University of Stuttgart, W. Germany
A search by EPR for metastable triplet states of transition metal oxo anions. Professor J. H. van der Waals, University of Leiden, Nederlands.
+ 13 short lectures and 11 posters. There were 84 people attending the conference, 34 from abroad.