21st Annual Meeting: University College, Cardiff, 21th to 25th March 1988
Cardiff UniversityInternational Conference "ESR of Radicals in Organic and Bio-organic Systems

Plenary Lectures

Structural and Chemical Aspects of some radical cation rearrangement reactions: ring opening and ring closure reactions. Professor F. Williams, University of Tennessee
Virus-membrane interaction as seen by magnetic resonance. Professor M. A. Heminga, Agricultural University, Wageningen
ESR and ENDOR studies of porphyrin triplet and doublet radicals. Professor H. van Willigen, University of Massachusetts
ENDOR studies of flavins and flavoproteins Professor H. Kurreck, Free University, Berlin, Germany
ESR and ENDOR imaging Professor E. G. Janzen, University of Guelph
The role of ESR techniques in determining the path of electron transfer in photosynthetic reaction centres Professor M. C. W. Evans, University College, London
EPR studies of cycles and bicycles. Professor J. C. Walton, University of St Andrews, Scotland
In vivo rat haemoglobin thiyl free radical formation following administration of phenylhydrazine and hydrazine-based drugs. Dr Ronald P. Mason (and K. R. Maples), NIEHS, USA.

The Bruker Lecture

Professor H. Fischer, University of Zurich, Switzerland. Electron Spin Resonance in the study of transient free radicals.
+ 13 short lectures and 26 posters. On Wednesday there were visits to the Welsh National Folk Museum at St Fagans, and to the Blaenavon (Big Pit) Coal Museum