23rd Annual Meeting: Monday 26th to Friday 30th March. Founders Hall and Chemistry Department, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
The remarkable Founders Hall in Egham International Conference: Electron Spin Resonance of Radicals in Organic and Bio-organic Systems

Plenary Lectures

ESR studies of new radical ions. Professor A. G. Davies, University College, London.
Investigations on phospholipid assymetry in biomembranes with spin labelled lipids. Professor P. F. Devaux, (A. Zachpwski, G. Morrot, S. Cribier, P. Fellmann, D. Geldwerth, M. Bitbol and P. Hervé), Institute de Biologie Physico-chimique, Paris, France.
The structure and reactivity of peroxyl and sulphoxyl radicals from measurements of oxygen-17 hyperfine couplings: relationship with Taft substituent parameters. Professor M. D. Sevilla, (D. becker and M. Yan), University of Oakland, Rochester, USA.
ESR studies of one-electron transfer reactions in aqueous solution. Professor B. C. Gilbert and the late J. K. Stell, University of York.
Ribonucleotide reductase, Professor A. Ehrenberg, University of Stockholm, Sweden.
Inhibition of lipid peroxidation by chain-breaking antioxidants as studied by ESR. Professor E. Niki, University of Tokyo, Japan.

The Bruker Lecture

Modern Techniques in ESR, Professor J. H. Freed, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA.
+ 16 short lectures and 41 posters. There were 122 participants. The conference lectures were subsequently published in J. Chem. Soc., < To be inserted >. On the wednesday afternoon there was a choice of visits; Royal Horticultural gardens Wisley or the Royal Palace at Hampton Court.