, ENSCP, Paris, France.
24th Annual Meeting. Monday 15th April to Friday 19th April. Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.
Royal Agricultural College Cirencester International Conference: Electron Spin resonance of Inorganic Radicals and Metal Ions in Inorganic and Biological Systems.

Plenary Lectures

ENDOR of Metallo Enzymes, Professor B. M. Hoffman, University of Evanston, Illinois, USA.
New methods for studying metal sites in enzymes. Professor Richard Cammack, Kings College, London
ESR studies of metal atoms and small metal clusters. Dr Bryn Mile, (J. A. Howard, H. Morris, C. A. Hampson and M. Histed), University of Wales, Cardiff, NRC Ottawa, Canada and Liverpool Polytechnic.
The EPR-detectable copper sites in nitrous oxide reductase and cytochrome oxidase. Professor P. M. H. Kroneck, (and W. E. Antholine), University of Konstanz, Germany and Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
Spin Trapping of Inorganic Radicals, Professor D. Rehorek, University of Leipzig, Germany.
Paramagnetic complexes of group 4 metals. Dr E. Samuel
Stabilisation of metal radicals by macroscopic ligands. Dr M. Schroder, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Single crystal and powder-pattern analysis of complex EPR spectra, Professor J. A. Weil, (D. G. McGavin and M. B. Mombourquette), University of Saskatchewan, Canada

The Bruker Lecture

EPR, ENDOR and ESEEM on Fe(CN)63- in alkali halides. Professor E. de Boer, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
+ 16 short lectures and 32 posters. There were 89 participants. The Bruker Lecture together with 17 papers were subsequently published in J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans., 1991, No 19, Oct, pages 3105-3206. On the wednesday afternoon there was a sight-seeing tour of the Cotswolds.