25th Annual Meeting. Sunday 29th March to Thursday 2nd April. University of York. A Joint Meeting with the Society of Free Radical Research.

University of York

International Conference. ESR of Organic & Bio-organic radicals.

Plenary Lectures

Identification and subsequenr reactions of radicals produced from interaction of haem proteins with peroxides. Professor M. J. Davies, University of York.
Catalytic metals and free radical reactions. Professor G. R. Buettner, University of Iowa, USA
ESR studies of radical cations in solid organic and zeolite matrices. Dr Chris J. Rhodes, University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College.
Method of stimulated nuclear polarisation and its applications. Professor R. Z. Sagdeev Institute of Chemical Physics, Novosobirsk, Russia.
Isoelectronic relationships, polar effects and selectivity in free radical chemistry. Dr B. P. Roberts, University of London, University College.
Photochemical charge separation in electron donor-acceptor molecules: studies of spin polarised radical pairs. Dr M. R. Wasielewski, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
In vivo spectroscopy: Experimental applications and clinical possibilities. Professor H. M. Swartz, Dartmouth Medical School
EPR spin label studies of proteins and lipids from neuronaly derived membranes. Dr A. Watts, University of Oxford.
Acidities/basicities and reactivities of one electron reduced or oxidised nucleic acid bases. Model studies for redox processes in DNA. Dr S. Steenken, Max-Planck Institute, Mulheim, Germany
Free radicals in photosynthesis: unravelling solar energy conversion by time resolved EPR spectroscopy. Professor A. J. Hoff, University of Leiden, Netherlands

The Bruker Lecture

EPR and ENDOR investigations of the primary reactants in bacterial photosynthesis. Professor George Feher, University of California, San Diego, USA
+ 21 short lectures and 46 posters. There were xxx participants. Conference papers were subsequently published in J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. II < to be inserted >. On Tuesday afternoon there was a coach excursion to Rievaulx Abbey and Castle Howard.