28th Annual Meeting. Monday 27th to Friday 31st March 1995. University of Surrey.
Conference emblem 1995International Conference. ESR Spectroscopy of Radicals in Organic and Bio-Organic Systems.

Plenary Lectures

EPR and the integrity of strained radicals. Professor John C. Walton, University of St Andrews, Scotland
Free radical addition to fullerenes. Dr Keith Preston, Steacie Institute, NRC, Ottawa
Biochemical applications of nitroxides: metabolism and immunological effects. 'Reef' Morse Illinois State University, USA
Very high frequency of ESR of organic and bio-organic radicals. Professor R. B. Clarkson, University of Illinois, USA
Free radical reaction mechanisms revealed by EPR spectroscopy. Professor Bruce C. Gilbert University of York
ESR of radical addition reactions. Professor Hans Fischer, University of Zurich, Switzerland.
Exploring structure and dynamics of proteins with electron spin labels. Professor Wayne L. Hubbell University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Organic radical ions: some new developments. Professor F. Gerson, University of Basle, Switzerland
Some applications of spin trapping to photochemistry and photobiology. Dr C. F. Chignell, Research Triangle Park, North carolina, USA.

The Bruker Lecture

Discoveries with ESR. Professor H. M. McConnell, Stanford University, California, USA
+ 12 short lectures and 41 posters. papers were published in J.Chem.Soc., Perkin II, 1995,. An evening excursion to Denbies Vineyard, sponsored by Jeol, was organised on Tuesday.