29th Annual Meeting. Sunday 24th to Thursday28th March 1996, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Conference motto. Mn(IV) EPR spectrumInternational Conference. ESR Spectroscopy of Inorganic Radicals and Metal Ions in Inorganic and Biological Systems.

Plenary Lectures

ESEEM and high-field EPR studies of the oncogene protein ras p21. Professor D. J. Singel, Montana State University, USA
EPR and ENDOR studies of the water oxidising complex in photosynthesis and of related model systems. Professor W. Lubitz, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Developments in ESR spectrometers and spectroscopy at frequencies above 90 GHz. Professor Peter C. Reidi, University of St Andrews, Scotland.
Binding and transport of Mo(V) in perfluorinated ionomers using ESR and ESR imaging. Professor S. Schlick, University of Detroit Mercy, USA
The addition of organic and inorganic radicals to C60. Dr J. R. Morton, Steacie Institute, NRC, Ottawa, Canada.
95 GHz ESR of biological systems. Professor A. I. Smirnov, University of Illinois, USA.
High frequency EPR spectra of large magnetic clusters. Professor Dante Gatteschi, University of Florence, Italy
EPR of transition metals in enzymes: is it worth the trouble? Dr R. C. Bray University of Sussex
Personal memories of ESR and ENDOR 1956-68. Dr D. H. Whiffen, Formerly Basic Physics Section, N.P.L.
Bimetallic sites in biological processes. Dr J. W. Ingledew, University of St Andrews, Scotland.

The Bruker Lecture

ENDOR of Metalloenzymes. Professor Brian M. Hoffman, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA.
+ 17 short lectures and 26 posters. papers were subsequently published in J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans., On monday JEOL (UK) sponsored a not-to-be-forgotten whisky tasting! On tuesday afternoon there was a bus tour of the main points of interest in Edinburgh