31stAnnual Meeting. Chancellors Hotel & Conference Centre, University of Manchester, UK. Sunday 29th March to Thursday 2nd April 1998
Chancellors Hotel and 
      Conference Centre, University of Manchester International Conference. ESR Spectroscopy of Paramagnetic Species in Inorganic and Bio-Inorganic Systems

Plenary Lectures

Multi-frequency c.w. electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy: Why do it? Dr Frank E. MabbsEPSRC CWEPR Centre, University of Manchester
Prospects of high-frequency ESR for the study of paramagnetic inorganic and bio-inorganic systems Professor J. Schmidt, University of Leiden, Netherlands
using EPR Spectroscopy to evaluate metal-metal interactions in multinuclear transition-metal complexes Dr Mike Ward, University of Bristol
Structural and electronic characterisation of the oxidised [Fe4S4] clusters in different high potential iron proteins by orientation selective ENDOR spectroscopy: towards an understanding of redox potentials. Professor J. Hütterman, University of Saarlandes, Germany
Structure, properties and reactivity of metal oxide surfaces as investigated by EPR. Professor E. Giamello, University of Turin, Italy
Multifrequency/multiphase one- and two-dimensional ESEEM spectroscopy of metalloenzymes and models of heme proteins. Professor A. Raitsimring, University of Arizona, USA
EPR, ENDOR and ESEEM studies to reveal bonding and diffusion of radicals in zeolites Professor A. Lund, Linköping University, Sweden
Chemical insights from the orientation of g- and A=matrix principal axes Professor Philip Rieger, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA
magnetic resonance studies on nitrogenase Dr Shirley Fairhurst, John Innes Centre, Norwich

The Bruker Lecture

ESR Spectroscopy: Past History, Present Status and Future Prospects. Professor John Pilbrow, Monash University, Australia

The Joel Student Lectures

Study of strongly overlapping Rh2+ EPR spectra by high resolution magnetic resonance techniques. K. Sabbe, University of Ghent, Belgium
Study of structure and kinetics of pyramidine radicals in aqueous solution by fourier transform electron spin resonance. J. Geimer, University of Leipzig
A 9.5 GHz and 95 GHz ESR study of a Rh2+ dimer center in NaCl single crystals: discriminating between g-anisotropy and fine structure terms. H. Vercammen, University of Antwerp, Netherlands.
+ 17 short lectures and 30 posters. papers were subsequently published in J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans. II. On tuesday there was a visit to the National Trust propertyQuarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate