32ndAnnual meeting. The University of York, 11th to 15th April 1999
International Meeting: ESR Spectroscopy; recent Advances and Applications

Plenary Lectures

Free radical damage in biomolecular systems; New insights via EPR spectroscopy. Prof. B.C. Gilbert, University of York
ESR and electrochemical studies of transition metal coordination compounds. Dr. L. Yellowlees University of Edinburgh, UK
Catalytic chemistry on oxide surfaces; characterisation by EPR techniques. Prof. M. Che University P. et M. Curie, France
Optical and electrical detection of EPR and ENDOR of point defects in solids. Prof. J-M. Spaeth University of Paderborn, Germany
Vibrational effects in muonated radicals and new experiments. Dr. B. Webster, University of Glasgow, UK
EPR and MCD spectroscopy; a complimentary pair. Prof. A. Thomson, University of East Anglia, UK
Adventures and opportunities in multiple-frequency and high frequency EPR Prof. R.L. Belford, University of Illinois, USA
EPR-imaging experiments in polymers and in liquid crystals Prof. G.F. Pedulli, University of Bologna, Italy
Rough guide to recent ESR of radical rearrangements Prof. J. Walton, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
The metal insulator transition; Turning copper into wood Prof. P.P. Edwards, University of Birmingham, UK
Exploring membrane protein structure through a novel combination of spin label ESR and magic angle spin (MAS) solid state NMR. Prof. A. Watts, University of Oxford, UK

The Bruker Lecture

High frequency EPR studies of paramagnetic inorganic and bio-inorganic systems Prof. Jan Schmit, Univ. of Leiden, The Netherlands

The Joel Student Lectures

Characterisation of the radical product formed from the reaction of Nitric Oxide with DBNBS. Ms. C. Boam, St. Bartholomews & Roy. Lon. Sch. of Med. & Den., UK
Magnetic and electrochemical communication through ligands in oligonuclear metal complexes. Mr. N. Harden, University of Bristol, UK
The interplay of electronic, steric and stereoelectronic effects in hydrogen atom abstraction of SO4, revealed by EPR spectroscopy. Mr. Steve Ward, University of York, UK
Design and use of new nitrones for spin trapping in free radical biology Dr. P. Tordo, Fac. de St. Jerome, France
+ 19 short lectures and 59 posters. 126 people attended the conference