Publication of Papers

publication of papers in molecular physics

In connection with the 40th anniversary of RSC ESR Group meetings, the Editorial Board of Molecular Physics has agreed to publish peer-reviewed papers from the Conference as either one or two special issues of the Journal.

Invited speakers are encouraged to submit a paper based on their lecture. If space permits, papers submitted by other participants will be included in the special issue(s). Otherwise, such papers may be published in a regular issue of the Journal and linked electronically on the Molecular Physics web-site so as to create a "virtual issue" which all the papers from the conference are grouped together.

It is essential that manuscripts submitted for publication in Molecular Physics describe original, unpublished work and that they reach the usual high standards of the articles published in the Journal.

Contributors are strongly encouraged to submit their manuscripts in advance of the meeting to allow the editors to handle the reviewing process most efficiently. The deadline for the receipt of papers will be announced.

Authors are asked to suggest the names of three possible reviewers.

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