ESR2007 Speakers

(as of 17 October 2006, will be updated weekly)

2007 bruker prize lecturer
D. Goldfarb (Rehovot, Israel)
keynote lecturers
F. Neese (Bonn, Germany)
T. Prisner (Frankfurt, Germany)
G. Smith (St. Andrews, UK)
invited speakers
(past bruker prize winners)
K.-P. Dinse (Darmstadt, Germany)
G. Eaton (Denver, USA)
S. Eaton (Denver, USA)
J. Freed (Cornell, US)
D. Gatteschi (Florence, Italy)
J. Hüttermann (Homburg, Germany)
W. Lubitz (MPI Mülheim, Germany)
K. Möbius (F.U. Berlin, Germany)
J. Schmidt (Leiden, The Netherlands)

The following past Bruker Prize winners will also attend:

N.M. Atherton (Sheffield, UK)
K.A. McLauchlan (Oxford, UK)
J.R. Pilbrow (Monash, Australia)
Y.D. Tsvetkov (Novosibirsk, Russia)

We also have the best wishes from E. de Boer, G. Feher, B.M. Hoffmann, W.D. Hubbell, J.S. Hyde and H.M. McConnell,
who have all received their Bruker Prizes at ESR conferences in the past.

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