"Advanced Techniques & Applications of EPR"

The 38th Annual International Meeting

20th - 24th March 2005 at the University of Bath

Our 2005 Meeting was held at the beautiful campus of Bath University, this is situated on Claverton Down, just outside the City. Our hosts were the Physics Department. In particular the ODMR/ESR Group run jointly by Professor John Davies, Dr Daniel Wolverson and Dr Stephen Bingham
To Professor John Davies and Dr Stephen Bingham for enabling the Meeting and making us so very welcome.
Especially to Sarah Bull of the Bath Conference Office - she was the ideal attentive hostess for the Meeting.
To the University Accommodation Office for their flexibility in accommodating late arrivals.
To the catering staff in the Choices and Claverton restaurants for feeding us so well.
To all our 80 participants from 17 different countries for their contributions to the proceedings of a very successful scientific meeting.
Finally to all who contributed to the finances for the meeting: EPSRC, Bruker, and JEOL especially.
Whole Programme of Lectures
The programme below shows the names of the persons who gave plenary lectures and 20 minute talks, together with a link from their name to a PDF file of the abstract for the lecture. (PDF - Adobe document format (136K requires Acrobat Reader)
Plenary: Professor John J Davies Optical Methods for the Detection of ESR in Semiconductors
Dr Victor Chechik Interactions Between Adjacent Ligands in Spin Labelled Au Nanoparticles
Dr Graham Smith An Update on the HIPER Project – Sub-nanosecond Pulse ESR
Plenary: Professor Yuri Tsvetkov From Distance to Distance Distribution Measurements by Pulsed Double Electron-Electron Double Resonance (PELDOR)
Dr Christiane Timmel Low Field Optically Detected EPR Spectroscopy of Transient Photo-induced Radical Pairs
Dr Mark Newton Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging (EPRI) of Defects in Diamond
JEOL: Ms Malika Bouterfas Longitudinally Detected ESR (LODESR) Using Miniaturized Hall Sensors
JEOL: DI Katharina Pirker The Influence of Oxidation Conditions on Free Radical Formation in Kaempferol
JEOL: Ms Evi Vinck The Electronic Structure of Cobalt Jacobsen’s Catalyst
Poster Session
Stefan Stoll receives his whisky for the best poster The winner of the whisky prize for the best poster was Stefan Stoll - he entered two posters just to make sure!
Plenary: Dr Edgar Groenen Pulsed ENDOR at 95 & 275GHz
Dr Mario Chiesa Probing the Interaction Between Metals and Oxide Surfaces via EPR. The Case of K Atoms on Alkaline Earth Oxides
Dr Alain Nogerat Electrically Induced Raman Emission from Planar Spin Oscillator
Plenary: Professor Motoji Ikeya Interdisciplinary ESR from Earth to Planetary Science:Dating and Radiation Dosimetry
Dr Laurent Binet Tracking the oldest traces of life by EPR
Ms Helen Gray Applications of EPR Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical Analysis
Bruker Lecture – Professor Peter Dinse EPR An Interesting Topic?
The Wednesday sessions were dedicated to the late Professor Phil Rieger of Brown University, he was an ardant supporter of our Group.
Plenary: Dr Zbigniew Sojka Interfacial Spin Chemistry in Low Symmetry Environments Computational EPR Investigations
Dr Eric McInnes Multi-frequency EPR of Heterometallic Transition Metal Clusters
Dr Radoslaw Kowalczyk Magnetic Studies of [ClCNSSS][AsF6] by Multifrequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Plenary: Professor Joshua Telser A Journey Across the First Row Transition Metals with High-Field/Frequency EPR
Professor John Walton Radicals Attached to 6-Membered Rings. An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Axial and Equatorial Orientations
Mr Kenneth Rasmussen The Effect of Pressure on the TEMPO/TEMPO+ Self-Exchange Reaction
Plenary: Professor Jack Peisach EPR Spectroscopy of Transition Metallo-Proteins
Dr David Keeble Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Fe3+ centres in PbTiO3
Dr Damien Murphy An EPR and ENDOR Investigation of a Series of Diazabutadiene-Group 13 Complexes
Plenary: Professor Heinz-Jurgen Steinhoff Multi-Frequency EPR Spectroscopy and Site-Directed Spin Labeling Reveal the Structure and Conformational Dynamics of Membrane Bound Protein Complexes
Dr Stefan Weber Spectroscopic Characterization of Plant Blue-light Photoreceptors
Professor Dieter Beckert FT EPR Study of Photo-oxidation Processes at Building Units of Proteins and their Derivatives
Plenary: Professor Sabine Van Doorslaer The Echo of Life - Pulsed EPR Analyses of Paramagnetic Metalproteins and Related Macrocyclic Metal Complexes
Ms Iulia Ioanitescu Tomato Hemoglobin – Spectroscopic Characterization of the Heme Environment
Dr Chris Kay Substrate Binding in Quinoprotein Ethanol Dehydrogenase Studied by Multi-Frequency EPR & ENDOR
The Bruker Lecture Professor Peter Dinse, Dr Dieter Schmalbein and Dr Shirley Fairhurst
The 2005, 20th Bruker Lecture, was given on Tuesday 22nd March by Professor Peter Dinse of the Chemistry Department, Darmstadt University of Technology. Peter gave a fascinating lecture entitled "ESR. An Interesting Topic?". His lecture looked at his past work in EPR, summarised his present interests, and answered the question in the title with a very strong affirmative!
The 'photo shows Dr Dieter Schmalbein of Bruker Biospin, Professor Peter Dinse and Dr Shirley Fairhurst
The JEOL Lecture Prize Malika Bouterfas receiving her JEOL Medal
There were three competitors for this prize, the winner being Ms Malika Bouterfas of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, with a talk entitled "Longitudinally Detected ESR (LODESR) Using Miniaturized Hall Sensors"
The two runners up were DI Katharina Pirker and Ms Evi Vinck
Malika is receiving her JEOL Medal from Richard Arnott of JEOL UK and Shirley Fairhurst our Chairman.
Posters Presented at the 38th Meeting of ESR Group of RSC. These are listed below in alphabetic order of the person presenting the poster.
Dr Angelo Alberti Styrene RAFT Polymerization. Addition and fragmentation rate constants as estimated by mean of ESR spectroscopy
Dr Gazi Aliev Optically-detected magnetic resonance studies of MBE ZnO:N
Mr Mohammed Ali Bahri ESR quantification of liposome membrane microviscosity change induced by the addition of cholesterol and drugs.
Ms Janet Banham Distance Measurements Between Broadly Distributed Nitroxide Labels in a Series of Synthetic Peptides: The CW/Pulsed EPR Borderline
Professor Dieter Beckert Photo-oxidation Processes at Functional Units of Building Units of Proteins Studied by FT-EPR and laser Flash Photolysis
Dr Stephen Bingham Optical detection of electron spin resonance by coherent Ramanspectroscopy: application to metallo-enzymes
Ms Malika Boutifas Longitudinally detected ESR (LODESR) using miniaturized Hall sensors
Dra Paloma Calle An ESR Study of the Influence of the Presence of Lithium Salts on the Photo-initiated Radical Polymerization of Methacrylic Monomers
Professor Jose Manuel Garcia de la Vega Assignments of Isotropic Hyperfine Coupling Constants of Radicals Containing Third Row Nuclei Using DFT Methods
Mr Ricardo Garzelli Spin Labeled Liposyme Membranes
Professor Elio Giamello Paramagnetic Species in Nitrogen-doped TiO2: a Key to UnderstandPhotocatalytic Activity in Visible Light?
Ms Lowenna Glover Electron paramagnetic resonance signals of manganese ions in cadmium telluride detected by a coherent Raman scattering
Mr Håkan Gustaffson Enhanced sensitivity of EPR dosimeters using metal ions as dopants.
Ms Iulia Ioanitescu Tomato Hmoglobin spectroscopic characterization of the heme environment
Dr Gabriella Ionita Interactions of spin labelled beta-cyclodextrin with different guests
Dr Petra Ionita Radical Mechanism of a Place Exchange Reaction of Gold Nanoparticles
Dr Gunnar Jeschke EPR-based modelling of membrane protein structures
Dr Christopher Kay High-Field/High-Frequency EPR and ENDOR Examinations of Photoactive Flavin Radicals
Mr Frank Loncke Single crystal EPR and ENDOR study of CsBr:Eu2+ in X and Q-band
Professor Jacek Michalik (Presented by Dr Jaroslaw G. Sadlo) Interaction of silver atoms with ethylene in Ag-SAPO-11molecular sieve
Dr Shanmugam Muralidharan EPR and DFT Studies of the Heterometallic Wheel [Me2NH2]2 [Cr10Cu2F14(O2CCMe3)22]
Dr Mark Newton Quantitative EPR annealing studies of the vacancy-hydrogen complex in single crystal CVD diamond
DI Katharina Pirker The Influence of Oxidation Conditions on Free Radical Formation in Kaempferol
Ms Jennifer Shaw EPR and Theoretical Studies on the Electronic Structures of Thioether Macrocyclic Complexes of Gold(II) and Silver(II)
Ms Priti Singh The Metal-NO Interaction in the Simple Redox System [Cl5Os(NO)]n-, n = 1-3: Structural and Spectroscopic Effects
Dr Graham SmithUK High Field ESR Facility-Example Applications.
Dr Stefan Stoll A Suppression Effect in ESEEM Spectra of Multinuclear Spin Systems
Dr Stefan Stoll Asymmetric Spin Density Distribution in the Cu(II) Complex of N-Confused Tetraphenylporphyrin Revealed by a Multifrequency Continuous Wave and Pulse EPR Study
Dr Mitsuko Ukai EPR detection method of Irradiated Wheat Flour
Dr Gaye White Spin Label EPR Studies of E.coli Cytochrome bo3
Dr Joanna Wolowska ENDOR study of the heterometallic wheel[(CH3)2NH2] [Cr7NiF8(O2CCCH3)16]
Ms Shanshan Zeng Mg-doped GaN: Annealing and concentration-dependence probed by optically-detected magnetic resonance.
Delegate List This is an updated list of the delegates appearing in the Conference Booklet. The list below only includes the names of the particpants, but a complete list of names, addresses and emails is available to all the delegates on application to the
Dr Angelo A. Alberti, Dr Gazi Aliev, Mr. Richard Arnott, Mr Mohamed Ali Bahri, Ms Janet E. Banham, Prof. Dieter Beckert, Dr Laurent Binet, Dr Stephen Bingham, Ms Malika Bouterfas, James A. Bushell, Dra Paloma Calle, Dr Victor Chechik, Dr. Mario Chiesa, Dr David Collison, Prof. Neil Connelly, Mr Nick Corps, Prof. John J Davies, Prof. Dr. K.-P. Dinse, Prof. Sabine Van Doorslaer, Dr. Shirley Fairhurst, Prof. J.M. Garca de la Vega, Mr Riccardo Garzelli, Prof. Elio Giamello, Mr John Gilbert, Miss Lowenna Glover, Prof. Dr Guenter Grampp, Ms Helen E. Gray, Prof.dr. E.J.J. Groenen, Mr Hkan Gustafsson, Prof. Alfred Hassner, Dr Arthur H. Heiss, Dr Peter Hoefer, Prof. Motoji Ikeya, Ms Ulia Ioanitescu, Dr Gabriela Ionata, Dr Petre Ionata, Dr Philip James, Dr Simon Jackson, Dr Gunnar Jeschke, Dr Chris W.M. Kay, Dr David J. Keeble, Dr Radoslaw M. Kowalczyk, Mr Roger F. Ladbury, Mr Frank Loncke, Dr John P Maher, Ms Pamela V Mason, Prof. Rob Meier, Dr Hassane El Mkami, Dr Damien M Murphy, Dr Mark Newton, Dr Alain Nogaret, Mrs Louise Ottignon, Prof. Jack Peisach, Mrs Estelle Peisach, DI Katharina Pirker, Mr Kenneth Rasmussen, Ms Emma Richards, Dr Anne L Rieger, Dr Jaroslaw G. Sadlo, Dr Dieter Schmalbein, Mr Muralidharan Shanmugam, Ms Jennifer L. Shaw, Prof. Yuhei Shimoyama, Ms Priti Singh, Dr Graham Smith, Dr Tim Smith, Dr Zbigniew Sojka, Prof. Dr. Heinz-Juergen Steinhoff, Dr Stefan Stoll, Prof. Joshua Telser, Dr Christiane Timmel, Prof. Yu.D.Tsvetkov, Mrs Inna Tsvetkov, Dr Mitsuko Ukai, Ms Evi Vinck, Prof. John C. Walton, Dr Stefan Weber, Dr Gaye F. White, Dr Sarah Wilsey, Service Manager, Dr Joanna Wolowska, Dr Daniel Wolverson, Miss Shanshan Zeng.